20+ Countries Represented
500+ Universities Represented
2500+ Courses Available
1000+ Admitted Students

“Our mission at Headway Abroad is 'to equip students, professionals and other aspirants with relevant skills to achieve their potential by developing world class programmes, delivery systems and consistent focus on the processes.'

Prashant Baluja, Managing Director

Our Study Abroad division Headway Abroad is a consultancy unit which provides valuable information and guidance to students wanting to study abroad. We are representatives for many universities in countries like the USA, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Dubai, Singapore, Australia & New Zealand. Our job is to help the student in making his/her choice of country & university according to their interests and budget.

We have interactive sessions with the student’s parents and the student and help them make a correct choice. We arrange everything for the student right from the admission, accommodation, finance (loan) requirements, traveling, etc.

A student has many choices of courses to choose from. From foundation, diplomas, bachelors to pre-masters, masters, MBA’s & Phd’s. These can be in various fields like art & design, business administration, computer science, bio-sciences, clinical, non-clinical, engineering, law, fashion design, hotel management, international trade, information technology, etc.

We also have in-house English Language Training (ELT) for examinations such as the IELTS and TOEFL so that the student can be well equipped to take these examinations as they are pre-requisites for most of the institutions we represent. Our ELT unit helps students prepare for these examinations and pass with flying colours.

Apart from this, we organize pre-departure briefings for all students going abroad for higher studies. This is to familiarize them with the way different countries and cultures are so that the student knows what to expect on reaching their destinations. These meetings deal with the smallest of problems a student may face daily on their lives. International education not only makes a student independent, but also helps in having a thorough knowledge of the subject and brings a student to face global challenges.

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