Career Planning
Mostly students know what they want to pursue at University but at such a young age, one sometimes feels confused about which stream to choose. Peer pressure from friends, relatives, etc makes the process even more difficult.

At Headway Abroad, we have a small but detailed group discussion with the child and parents in the various courses that are available which he/she wants to pursue. We get the parents on as well in this discussion as they too want the best for their child. Through this question and answer session, our counselors recommend the best stream to choose. Sometimes, two streams sound similar but are totally different. For example, Operations Management and Operational Research are commonly mistaken to be similar; however they are both separate streams within Management.

We also look at the career choices that are available to the student once they finish with their Degree programme. Simultaneously, we make sure that what we recommend is in tune with the student’s aspirations and their strong points.

Country Comparison
Once we have chosen a career path for a student, we suggest the country the student should pursue his education in. If the student has already chosen a country then we help in selecting universities from that country or else we can help the student compare the countries and their respective pros & cons; and then chose Universities in the selected country.

The quality of education in most of the countries we represent are of international standards. However, the costs change from country to country and so do the costs of living. These costs also play a major role when selecting a country to pursue your education in. Time period also varies of a degree of varies from country to country, for example, an undergraduate degree in the United States in four years in comparison to a three year degree in most countries.

Course Selection
With respect to Course Selection, we recommend students courses according to their ability which match their career and personal goals. Sometimes students think they can pursue particular courses or modules but find it hard to cope up as they find it difficult to.

Sometimes, students don’t have the grades to enter University, in such a situation we recommend them to pursue a Foundation or a Pre-masters programme. Similarly, students don’t meet their IELTS requirements and they are asked to pursue a Pre-degree English programme at the University itself before the term starts.

University Selection
Last but not the least; we advise students which University they should apply to. This advice is based upon interaction with the student, his/her personal, academic and financial profile/constraints.

The advice provided is non-commercial and is not limited to the Universities represented by us.

Our counselors will give you valuable advice on the accommodation types to suit your needs and budget and help you with all related formalities. Our counselors will provide you with advice on what types of accommodation are available at your chosen University and apply for it on your behalf.

Most universities guarantee accommodation to International students in their first year. However, there is usually an application deadline a few months before the start of the course. In case you are unable to make it to the deadline we help you in getting alternate off-campus accommodation in conjunction with either the University or with a private
accommodation provider. In this respect, we have partnerships with Unite Student Accommodation and Liberty Living in the UK for
off-campus accommodation.

Apart from Academic References which the students have to provide in addition to their application, we also recommend students at our end. We highlight their achievements, both academic and non-academic to support the application process. These are taken in consideration by admission tutors of various departments or admission officers when granting one a place on a particular degree program.

Mostly all University offer scholarships or bursaries for International students These can range from general scholarships to departmental scholarships. Apart from this the British Council also manages a few scholarships, these are:

•  The Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarship
•  The Scotland Saltire Scholarship
•  Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowships
•  British Chevning Scholarships
•  Charles Wallace India Trust
•  The Sir Ratan Tata Scholarships
•  The De Souza-Trust Goa Scholarship

Apart from the British Council managed scholarships there are other scholarships also available. We assess your educational ability as most scholarships require students to show outstanding academic and leadership credentials. They usually ask applicants to write an essay or give an interview for the selection process. We assess your eligibility for scholarships and keep an eye out for application deadlines.

Visa Assistance
Our experienced counselors assist students with the visa applications. High Commissions and Embassies keep on changing their visa requirements on a regular basis; keeping this in mind we supply you with a list of documentation which the High Commission or Embassy requires from you, provide guidelines for financial statements and help them prepare the file to meet the requirements of various High Commissions to ensure a 100% Visa success.

English Language Training (ELT)
We provide in-house English Language Training (ELT) for both IELTS, TOEFL & PTE. Apart from providing classroom based sessions, we also provide students with study material, mock tests, etc. All of our trainers are familiar in the English language and hold a degree in English from a recognized University. Apart from this all of our trainers have gone through the IELTS Train-the-trainer Programme at the British Council, TOEFL Train-the-trainer programme from TOEIC & Pearson’s Train-the-trainer programme for the PTE and hence have intense knowledge about the various English examinations.

Financial Services
Bank Services
We have partnered with Standard Chartered Bank to provide International Banking Solutions for students intending to study abroad. We have negotiated wholesale rates for drafts, international bank transfers, etc.

Student Loans
We help students in getting student loans for their education abroad. Provide them with documentation which is required to process the student loan as quickly as possible. We have tied up with HDFC Bank (Credila), Punjab National Bank and DHFL (Avanse) to process student loans.

Travel Services
Our in-house travel agency is at hand to solve all your travel related queries. All students can get there air-tickets from us to travel to their destination country. We try and seat students on the same flight when they are traveling to the same University. Onward journeys from airports are usually arranged by the University the first time you arrive in a particular country, but the University requires you to sign up for this service in advance and some might charge for this service.

Foreign Exchange
We have tied up with Centrum Forex Ltd. to provide Foreign Exchange services for our students.

Travel Insurance
Health care is extremely expensive in the countries such as the USA, United Kingdom & Australia. Even though most of them provide certain health benefits, in a case of emergency sometimes these services might not be available due to unavoidable circumstances. In such a situation we recommend students to purchase a comprehensive international student insurance policy for the duration of their study. We have tied up with Bajaj Allianz to provide these services for our students.

International SIM Cards
We have partnered with Matrix Cellular to provide international SIM cards to students.

Pre-departure Briefing
We will hold a pre-departure briefing for all the students applying through us to study abroad. This pre-departure briefing will be held in August and all students and parents will be informed in advance for this event. This event is a platform where parents and students can clarify their doubts, apprehensions and queries regarding their education abroad.

Apart from this we will be providing students with a ‘Handbook’ which they can take with them when they are traveling to their University. This Handbook provides students with pointers, important numbers, emergency numbers, important information, etc which is vital to their stay.

Post-education Services
Once a student returns after being qualified from the University of their choice, we provide services for both employment and business consulting. Our in-house HR Consultancy can help one get a job or provide you with vital links and contacts in case you want to set up a business. We are members of national business platforms such as FICCI, CII, Yi, TiE, etc.

Apart from this you can be connected to your fellow peers through either us or through our Alumni networks on any of the popular social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.